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Free Avatar and the Movie Industry Essay Sample

Does your favorite movie have a major affect on you? Does it stir up some emotions inside? It could be difficult to depict the strong emotions that awaken when you are watching your favorite movie. The answer is yes, movies have become an important part of our lives and particularly our culture. When we look at the previous decades that have passed we find out the different movies being played in different theatres in different decades. Movies tend to influence the culture of many but movies might have a bigger significance symbolically than others. For Example a favorite movie of someone may have more significance in his/her life than a song, a team that they like or perhaps a show coming on TV. One might notice why many people leaving a theater today after watching a peculiar movie are tempted to suicide, at times even depressed and many have lost faith in themselves and their culture. This is the Avatar effect on our culture.

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The statistics of Avatar are somewhat mind boggling. The movie had a budget of nearly 300 million USD which makes it one of the expensive movies ever to be produced. In around seventeen days the movie reached the magic landmark of 1 billion USD in earning worldwide. Avatar had to wait 14 years just so it could be completed. The Director James Cameron wanted to bring in new start of the art technology which would alter the entire look of cinema. When Avatar was released in December, there was a lot of hype and anticipation as to whether the movie will be loved by cinema goers or not, but the real question was underneath all that hype, does the movie actually mean anything to us?

James Cameron a Canadian born Hollywood Director has outdone himself in making Avatar with the technical power it possesses. The visual arrangements depicted by Cameron in Avatar mainly balance his lack of distinctive storyline. What he depicts in Avatar is nothing changes to what we expect from Hollywood movies which includes a continual rejection of Catholic principle and also a strange way to solve problems.

A question may arise in our mind as to why was the name Avatar chosen by James Cameron? The answer to this question is that this word refers to the personification of the Hindu god Vishnu in human form, the preserver god of Hindu holy harmony. Nowadays it is thought as a near revised personality. So this takes us to our next question as to what exactly is James Cameron trying to tell us.

This movie takes us to the planet Pandora where the Na'vi tribe is settled. This tribe is eco friendly are extra terrestrial beings and are very fond of nature. They are pursued by businessman along with US Marines to confiscate their wealth and their lands. This storyline seems to be an old version of numerous Western movies. The main plot starts from Earth where scientists come to know about an extremely precious ore that is to be dug from the Planet Pandora, in order to carry out this operation the local population who has a human like structure but with long tails. Somehow they tend to be very alike to the countless figures of devils we have seen for centuries in Catholic belief.

This utilization of Pandora is because man has worn out Earth from all of its assets. The intention to quarry a precious ore from a different planet will devastate the transparency of their culture that is in ideal commune with the environment. This message is not concealed: it is crystal clear. Whatever humans do is always bad but Aliens and nature are always good.

Numerous attempts are made by humans to co 'operate with the Na'vi tribe to vacate their village which is on top of a tree. Incidentally the valuable ore found on Pandora is right underneath this huge tree. The humans tend to make some bodies looking like the 7 foot extra terrestrial beings in which they put spirit of humans in order to penetrate the Na'vi tribe. When the spies are sleeping at night, the scientists bring back the spirits via a machine to the bodies and take out all of information which has been obtained. This movement of a soul into the humanoids tends to take place with the help of a tree.

In the mean time, the human volunteers become friends with some of the Na'vi tribe members and thus end up fighting against the human and trying to defeat them. James Cameron tends to introduce a romantic side of the story to add emotional appeal to the movie. The Hero of the movie starts to fall in love with a Na'vi. In the movie the Na'vi communicate with plants and animals via their hair. In the concluding part, the humanoids beat the humans from Earth with the help of their plant and animal friends despite the humans possessing automatic guns. The hero in the end gives up his human life to life as a Na'vi tribe member.

While stunning the audience with a simple secondary aspect, the presentation of its technical abilities, the movie itself tries to induce a touching compassion for the environment friendly Na'vi tribe and a hate for the imperialistic attackers in a complicated plot by presenting only one side of what to the world is nowadays. James Cameron presents a strange delusion which is to be the main theme of the movie. The Alien planet Pandora is a world to which we need to progress. This is how this movie is affecting our culture. This idea denies the message of creation, original indulgence, salvation, elegance, even hell or heaven.

One may rightfully ask if this Na'vi tribe is a part of the creator's creation, will they participate in new transgression, were they converted by Jesus and whether they will go to heaven or hell. It seems as if Cameron is depicting the idea that there is nothing more to a modern version of the communist hymn in which there is no hell or heaven just man and his nature and they we die it will be the end. Perhaps James Cameron wants our culture to be the same as of the Na'vi Tribe where they live in peace and harmony.

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