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Free Die Hard Essay Sample

Die Hard is the first in a sequel starring Bruce Willis, Reginald Veljohnson, Robert Davi, Richard Parker and James Shigeta. The movie was directed by John Mc Tiernan and Beau Marks and produced by Joel Silver, Charles Gordon and Lawrence Gordon among others. The setting is in 1988 Los Angeles.

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The movie opens with John McLane (Willis) an NYPD officer travelling to LA to meet his estranged wife who is in the verge of leaving him. They meet at the airport and continue to her office where they are to attend a Christmas party. The tension between McLane and his wife is tangible despite the fact that their daughter is also present. As the party is going on a group of German terrorists are on their way to invade the same building, take everyone hostage and steal the money in the safe. They manage to capture everyone with the exception of a few casualties and of course Officer McLane who manages to escape albeit being unarmed and barefoot. What ensues next has been described as incredible considering the date of the movie setting and making of the movie. Here McLane manages to fight the terrorist; he salvages the situation with the terrorists and in the process saves his marriage. The terrorist in the other hand end up with nothing for their ambition and hard work.

Many have described the movie as one of the greatest because it introduces a new concept in a time when other producers were focusing on a totally different idea. The concept of terrorism in the domestic USA is a concept that still draws a lot of attention today from many film makers. Die hard went a head and was immortalised with three other sequels all starring Bruce Willis as John McLane.

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